Feature Product

The Prime Formulation and a hidden jewel in our Skincare arsenal.


​​It has been over 6 Years since we created this incredible product, and we are just now starting to understand all of its benefits.

Welcome to a new generation of skin lipids.

​​The most effective product needs a lipid composition which will be identical to our own skin. This include Ceramides Triglycerides, Phytosterols and fatty acids, and Squalene to fill the space between the skin cells.

Primary has a composition of identical skin lipids to assist the reconstruction of the skins barrier. o provide the Epidermis with skin renovators it need the right lipids.​

Our Skin Lipids change with

  • age
  • environment
  • diet
  • smoking
  • stress
  • pollution
  • alcohol

With these added changed in our lifestyle, it can result in dry, dehydrated, itchy, irritated and loss of suppleness in the skin.

Nearly 60% of skins natural lipids disappear by age 40, and without enough lipids, plumpness evaporates through a process called transepidermal water loss leaving the skin dry and dehydrated.

When our lipid barriers are strong, our skin appears young and healthy. We included the Mirabillis Jalapa Flower extract called the Marvel of Peru which will fade redness of reactive sensitive skin by helping the communication between the nerve ending and the epidermis.

Also, Niacinamide is a big component in this formulation, addressing Hyperpigmentation, it regulates sebaceous Lipids, has anti-aging effects, regulates the sphingolipids (particular the Ceremide ones) and improves barrier function.

Biosaccharides are included to provide a global protection against pollution by forming a breathing matrix on skin that prevents pollutants from penetrating the epidermis. Biosaccharides are the only active ingredients to protect the skin against a wide range of pollution, while letting the skin still breath. It has an innovative molecular structure that improves adhesion and interacts with other molecules, essential to form a barrier over the skin, shielding it from the environmental aggressors.


  • Refills Cellular Lipids
  • ​​Environmental Protection
  • ​​Skin Barrier Repair
  • ​​Stabilizes the Skin
  • ​​Reduces Pores Size
  • ​​Plumps the Skin
  • ​​Smooth and Even Complexion
  • ​​Restores Healthy Glow
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