A Quarter of a Century in the Making.
by Christine Cowheard


It's hard to believe it all started twenty-five years ago. When we first opened, A Natural Difference consisted of five formulations including the Glycolic Polymer, Epidermal Growth Factor, Langerhaus Cell Immune Strengthening, Beta Glucan, and Antioxidants. My purpose of starting this company, was to create a skin care products with potent and natural ingredients for an effective and serious therapeutic product line. My passion then and now, is to keep our line natural, scientific, and including therapeutic treatment products and ingredients.

Although my passion for natural skin care was bursting at the seams, I knew I would need some help. First stop, a Bio Chemist. The Bio Chemist I chose was able to supply me with the best raw material. His research of natural and bio technology was from a scientific perspective, just what I needed.

When selecting the name of the company, I loved the thought of something simple, stating exactly what the mission would be. When I thought of, A Natural Difference, I didn't think it was powerful enough, and kept debating. I realized many other companies were directing their names and products towards different aspects of skin care, and I knew I wanted to stand out, so I went with my instincts.

The newest adventure we have embarked on, our Master Esthetician courses, were created to develop the skills of Estheticians to master their profession to become even more successful than they already are. If there is anything I could have wished for when I became an esthetician, I would have wanted an educational opportunity to increase knowledge and business.

Twenty- Five years later, I can say I am very proud of where we have come. We were the first to have botanicals such as the Pumpkin, Cranberry, Mango, Orange and Cherry lines. A Natural Difference had developed distinct new formulations with ground breaking bio technology and unusual but effective ingredients. With constant new and innovative ideas, we strive in valuing our customers and global market.

We stand behind our Estheticians and their customers.