Our Skincare Treatment Bars

Starting your regimen off with proper cleansing is necessary to get the best results out of your skin care products. I love liquid and foaming cleansers as opposed to cream based cleansers because they do not leave any residue on the skin. By not having and residue left on this skin this allows your products to be able to penetrate the skin best, making your regimen the most effective! I know that it can be hard, but it’s important to cleanse your skin twice a day! When you cleanse in the morning, are removing toxins that the skin excreted through the night, oil, debris and you are prepping your skin for daytime protection skin care products. In the evening you are washing away makeup, oil, debris, environmental pollutants and prepping your skin for corrective skin care products.


This bar uses resorcinol, moss extract and fennel to help purify, protect, and rebalance skin cells. It is best for oily, acne, large pores, sensitive or imbalanced skin. I have had great success helping multiple clients treat their eczema or psoriasis on the face and body with this cleansing bar. Hydrotant gel is a great pair for these conditions as well.


This gentle bar contains antibacterial properties using vaccinium which is natures benzoyl peroxide. Best for acne, large pores and all skin types.


Made with kojic acid and azelaic acid this powerful bar helps lighten any existing discolorations, as well as prevent future discolorations. It also helps the skin to retain moisture, kills bacteria and helps protect and strengthen. It is best for anyone with discolorations on the skin whether from sun damage, acne scars or melasma.


Beta glucan simulates the skin’s immune system response along with other antioxidants to cleanse and protect. Patchouli oil and balsam peru oil tone, speed up cell regeneration and reduce inflammation in the skin. This bar is best for all skin types, especially mature, irritated skin, large pores. It is a favorite for male clients!

There are a number of skin cleansers for every skin type and concern, but today I am talking about our cleansing bars. Our cleansing bars are not soap bars, but concentrated glycerin-based cleansing bars that do not leave residue on the skin. They are extremely mild yet effective, non-comedogenic and lightly scented with essential oils. Our bars are the most potent cleansers we offer! These bars leave the skin with a soft, smooth finish without feeling dry or tight!