Celebrating 30 Years of High Performance Skincare!

During the new development process, as a formulator we must take into consideration various criteria.

We look at the intended age group, ethnicity, scented or non-scented, shelf life expectations and price point. Both functional and active ingredients can vary in price and quality. We also strive for green chemistry and sustainability. All of these things considered, we have been able to keep our formulations affordable.

Actives and functional ingredients are both needed for high performance. Let’s look at the difference between them.

Actives are the stimulants that provide significant changes in the skin. They need to be present in a great amount but are sometimes listed at the end. Actives are the “stars” of a product to slow down aging, prevent wrinkles or help diminish them. Actives work to banish blemishes, help sensitivity and irritation.

Functional ingredients support the active ingredients by keeping them stable and linked to one another. They protect from microbial attack and metal contaminants so that actives are able to perform their noble skin protection job.

A High Performance formulation needs to have ingredients in harmony to provide great results.

Just as a family needs a house and family members. The house provides the functional purpose of shelter, food storage and kitchen and bath. The family members are the actives. Together they comprise a stable family.

High performance formulations are similar. Actives provide targeted skincare benefits and the functional ingredients provide the base to deliver those actives in a stable form.