Cellular Repair Serum with Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one the of the best nutrients for the skin. It helps naturally smooth roughness, fades fine lines and lightens discoloration spots, especially when caused by sun exposure. It repairs signs of sun damage and powers your skins own healing response. Vitamin C enhances theproduction of collagen and elastin to tighten the tissue .

Since Vitamin C is so beneficial for the skin, it works even better with other skin loving nutrients. Besides having all these great ingredients in our serum,it needs to be highly protected. A nutrient rich serum is just as vulnerable to sun exposes, pollution and environmental toxins as your skin is.

We specifically chose to put our products in our U. V. protected purple bottle to keep the life of our Cellular Repair Serum stable, potent and effective for the life of the product. These bottles come with a pump so the product never had to see sunlight while you use it. Make sure to follow your Cellular Repair Serum with or favorite moisturizer and sun protection.

Cheers to great protection through the Summer!

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