Cherry Chocolate Rose Facial + Bonus Eye Treatment!

We’re a few days away from Valentines Day and the perfect gift is always a facial! Our favorite facial this time of year is our Cherry Chocolate Rose Facial. This luxurious treatment gives relaxation, results and stimulates your sense throughout the treatment. In this post we’re also sharing our favorite bonus eye treatment!


  1. This facial begins with our signature Rosaderm Cleanser, perfect for any skin type! This non-comedogenic formula is made with a shea butter base that lathers and lifts off any makeup and dirt and debris in seconds.

  2. After cleansing the Cherry Berry Peel is applied. The peel is made with cherries, blueberries, raspberries and 4 difference acids this luxurious peel is an effective exfoliant and is rich in antioxidants to feed the skin. It gently dissolves dead skin cells and gives the skin a smooth texture, while minimizes pores.

  3. After exfoliation your esthetician may choose to perform steam at this time. After steam, massage is an important step to increase circulation and soften the skin for extractions. Extractions unclog pores removing blackheads, whiteheads and any other debris or blemishes on the skin. Not always the most pleasant part of your facial, but the results is smoother, more flawless skin!

  4. Revitalizing Masque is the “chocolate” portion of this facial. If you are a smoker, or feel that your skin is dull, lifeless, needs toning or a more radiant appearance, this is the masque is for you! Using liver cell extract to detoxify, this masque also stimulates blood flow, gives firmness and a more youthful appearance in an instant.

  5. Rose Renewal Crème is the moisturizer used to finish this facial and is formulated to help fight back at environmental damage, provide cellular detoxification and decrease premature aging. Using a peptide from Pea Extract that also strengthens elasticity and increases the skins firmness and pliability. SPF is the final step, and a very important one for protection and prevention! Z-Plus may be added to the Rose Renewal Crème, or our popular Solares can be layered on top.

  6. Finish with Cobra Eye Serum to relax, soften and smooth fine lines and wrinkles and a little Raspberry Shea butter for the softest and most hydrated lips.

Your skin should be radiant, and your senses should be pleased as well! Remember if your esthetician doesn’t perform the facial EXACTLY like above, there are millions of ways to give an amazing facial and get results!

For dry, wrinkling or eyes that need a
quick refresh ask for an added
Cherry Eye Treatment!

Applied for just a few of minutes it will gently dissolve dead skin cells around the eye are and give a new youthfulness to the skin. After this step massaging the eye area is one of our favorite ways to reduce puffiness, increase stagnant blood flow and give instant softening of wrinkles. To maintain this appearance between facials you can use Erase A Line once a week in the evening.

To maintain the results of this facial at home be sure to follow your A Natural Difference Skin Care regimen as instructed by your Esthetician. Revitalizing “Chocolate” Masque be used twice a week at home in addition to your regimen to keep your beautiful glow for the weeks to come!


By Kayla Vickrey
A Natural Difference Educator