We all know that the path to a healthy body is through exercise, a proper diet, adequate sleep and a low stress level. However, there are other ways besides a robust physique to project a healthy image to the world. One of the most visible ways to show off good health is through your skin.

So, how do we maintain healthy skin? A popular technique is through the use of cosmeceuticals, which are a combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. A purely natural cosmeceutical requires science and nature coming together to create a powerful synergy. These amazing formulations contain ingredients that affect the biological functions of the skin. Their objective is more far - reaching than simply making the skin's surface look attractive and flawless. More precisely, cosmeceuticals improve skin appearance by infusing healthy nutrients into the skin. These science - based creams make the skin appear healthy because it is healthy.


When you use natural ingredients for skin care, you still need to ensure that the skin can utilize what is being applied. This is why chiral technology is so important.

Many estheticians have found that costly, specially formulated skin care products often do work. In reading the labels, these skin care remedies contain everything the skin needs for hydration and rejuvenation. Yet, some of these products fail to lessen or improve unsightly conditions and some of them actually cause allergic reactions, the release of free radicals and a host of other maladies. Industry researchers realized that the problem with many products came down to the chirality of the ingredients themselves.
Chirality is truly a landmark achievement in the science of skin care. To understand what it is, look at the original meaning of the word as derived from Greek: "handedness." Just as our hands are mirror Images of one another, researchers now deduce that the skin's receptors are similar.

All receptors in the body are chirally speaking either left - handed or right - handed. Imagine how a left glove only fit's a left hand and right glove only fits a right hand. Similarly, a chirally correct formulation specifically fits the skin's receptors. It target the cell's information center as the cell deteriorates with biological stress and age.
Skin can only access nutrients and locally applied products through it's specific receptors. Therefore, for a product to be most effective, it must be received by specific receptors. The receptors like magnets draw and hold the chiral ingredients in the epidermal layer of skin. They stimulate the individuals DNA, reduce dermal atrophy, help rid the skin of wrinkles and keep it that way longer.


The cell rejects those substances that do not match a receptor. The cell membrane receptors are very selective in the passage of materials and only allow entry to those that are fit. That is where chiral products are superior to all other forms of skin care creams. Because of their chirality, they precisely match the molecular shape of the skin's receptors. They provide the perfect fit for repairing and maintaining healthy skin with less irritation.