Zesty Orange may sound like a fruity name, but don't be fooled. The active ingredients in this moisturizer have been scientifically selected with great purpose, each one working closely together as a team. Providing an active environment of repair, rejuvenation, and protection from further anti-radical damage. After the fruit enzymes have cleared the way by releasing dead cells, the other ingredients take a ride with the CoQ10 to provide supplements and energy to the mitochondria within the cells. Full of antioxidants, vitamins, and essential minerals, this formula is serious, it just has a fruity name.

"You will immediately notice how the Zesty Orange Moisturizer feels very rich to the touch, yet it is light and breathable. Due to it's thickness, it enables you to apply a small amount fast and evenly. The formulation of this special moisturizer will give you incredible results on dry or dehydrated skin."

Zesty Orange is scientifically formulated to provide visible results. The minerals in the Pearl Extract leave the skin feeling extremely smooth, giving them results they can feel.

Our easy 3-Step home care consists of our:

  • Zesty Moisturizer

  • Zesty Orange Scrub

  • Repair Serum

The 3 -step home care system enables them to help you to provide the most healthy and radiant looking skin possible.