Professional Products vs Commercial Products

Commercials are the best! They are the most visually stimulating advertisement that influence our senses. We see warm cookies come from the oven and we swear we can smell them as our mouth waters and the happy family devours them. We see gorgeous women running along the beach with waves of shiny, glossy hair following behind them and we add some shampoo, which is guaranteed to give us these magnificent waves, to our grocery list. Not realizing that some shampoo is loaded with sulfates and other toxic chemicals. We see stunning models showcased in the best lighting made up by the best illusionists while they seductively wink, caress their skin and flirt with the camera. All the while a narrator is babbling on how you too can be like them if you call the 1 800 bla-blah number on the screen. BUT WAIT. Your offer may be doubled or even tripled! AND the burgers. WOW. Need I say more and I don’t even like them that much but when I see a double stacked, cheese loaded, bacon filled heart attack waiting to happen I do pause and wonder where a drive thru is.

As you can see from these examples we are constantly being bombarded by advertisements. And what better way to do that than to give us these memorable impressions of what we most desire or even in some cases what we think we desire (aka the burger). Skincare is currently a 245 BILLION dollar global industry and topping the market is an endless stream of MLM companies and cosmetic superstores. These definitely have their place and there are some great products out there but I want to focus on the difference between professional products and commercial or over the counter products. And it is easy, there is no comparison to be had.

Professional products that are used by licensed and insured esthecians, nail techs, massage therapists and MD’s are very different than commercial products. And even then you have to research the professional products and ask questions like: Does is contain fillers like petroleum, mineral oil and fragrance? Fragrance is probably one of the biggest problems because of the labeling of the ingredient. The Environmental working agency (EWG) reports that “the average fragranced product contains 14 secret chemicals not listed on the label”. These chemicals are associated with hormone disruptions, allergic reactions and sensitivity. So next time you use your face crème, body crème or home spray think about where it is from. For example a rose is just a rose. Or is it? The EWG reports that a rose scented ingredient can be concocted from 3100 stock chemical ingredients and these blends are almost always hidden from the consumer.

Products that are European Union approved like A Natural Difference skincare must go through rigorous testing to ensure the benefits and safety for the population. Only a professional that is licensed and trained can use these products. Make sure that when you purchase products you know the retailers credentials. I think it is great that many want a side job but stop and ask yourself, “what does this amazing 1st grade teacher know about skincare? Is she state licensed and insured as a skincare professional? Can she tell me what each ingredient is for and where does it come from?” You can bet most Estheticians can. AND Products contain no fillers so that the ingredients can get into the deeper layers of skin so that correction, prevention and protection can occur. But the best benefit is that it comes from a professional that can manage your skincare needs and concerns so that you don’t have to ever worry about your skin again!


by Irene Stuckey
Director of Education