Soothing The Skin

Lemons - an acid fruit that contains citric acid and vitamin C, is botanically a many-seeded pale yellow oblong berry, and is produced by a small thorny tree of the genus Citrus (C. limon);

Did you know lemons naturally..

  • Reduce Oil in the Skin
  • Help to heal Acne and Blackheads
  • Soothes Dry and Irritated Skin
  • Lighten dark spots
  • Act as a natural cleanser

To minimize irritations and maximize healthy skin function, a professional soothing product needs the ultimate combination of clinical proven ingredients to sooth, nourish, calm and hydrate challenged skin.  A Natural Difference provides, serums, gels, masks, moisturizers and sun protection with a wide variety of ingredients to control persistent redness and irritation in sensitive and rosacea prone skin.