Spring Body Care

Spring has finally sprung and with warmer weather comes more exposed skin! We all know that SPF is important, but I’m here today to share with you my tips for your best glowing skin all over, and some products to help address some common body skin concerns.

Exfoliate! Exfoliation is so important for the body and radiant skin! I always tell my clients think of exfoliation and dry skin this way….

Now doesn’t that sound silly?! But if you are not removing dead skin cells, that’s exactly what you are doing. Your products are not able to penetrate the cells therefore making your products less effective, and your skin feeling flaky or dry. When you exfoliate it reveals, fresh, glowing skin cells, increases the cell renewal factor fighting aging. Don’t we all want that?! It keeps pores clearer, your products can penetrate better, and gives you your money’s worth out of your products!


What should I use to exfoliate?

There are many ways to exfoliate the body. I most prefer dry brushing which I know Irene and Christine do as well! Google it! Dry brushing not only exfoliates, it increases circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system and I recommend it to my clients to help prevent ingrown hairs. Our scrubs, exfoliating gloves and sugar scrubs are also great ways to exfoliate the body! If you use exfoliating gloves or even a washcloth to exfoliate adding our enzyme body washes adds to the exfoliation and creates a luxurious shower experience. Available in Cranberry and Pumpkin scent. Please only use gentle scrubs or enzyme peels on the delicate skin of the face, neck and décolleté!

How often should I exfoliate?

For the body I recommend 2-3 times a week. If you are using a gentle product, you may be able to exfoliate more often. The more grit to the product, the less often you will want to exfoliate. You can overstimulate, irritate, and damage your moisture barrier if you overdo it.

What should I use for body lotion?

I have tried many different lotions and by far our body lotions are my favorite! Coming in Cranberry and Pumpkin scent they are rich, but not heavy. Fast absorbing and smell light, but delicious! Our lotions contain shea butter, vitamin E, olive oil, aloe vera, vitamin A, allantoin, and beta glucosamine and beta fructan to help restore your skin’s natural moisture level. Apply RIGHT after showering!

For the face I always recommend applying moisturizer within 60 seconds of washing. For the body unless you are a ninja, that won’t be happening! I like to lightly pat my skin with my towel while I am still in the shower, and apply my body lotion there. You have the light steam (because no good esti showers in hot water!) and you’re still kept warm if you use this method. If you don’t like the feeling of body lotion or in the summer heat during those times I like to not pat my skin dry, then allow the water to thin out my lotion and I still get hydrated skin, but no excess moisture!


If you have body acne I recommend using our new Clarifying Cleanser or Balancing Bar when you shower. Many of my clients have had great results with this! Poly Glyco Lotion with 10% glycolic acid is also a great pair. Be careful with exfoliation on breakout prone areas as the skin can become irritated or worsen breakouts.


If you have sun spots, dark scars or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, cleansing with our Discoloration Bar and using Poly Glyco Lotion along with lots of SPF will help to slowly lighten dark spots. You may also want to consider a chemical peel come fall. Talk to your esthetician!


If you have pitted scarring, clogged pores, bumps or keratosis pilaris, all of the above steps will help improve these conditions! I would recommend using the same products as my acne recommendations. My brother has keratosis pilaris on his arms and poly glycol lotion alonekes his nearly vanish with consistent use!

I hope you found these tips helpful and feel more confident with more exposed skin this summer!


By Kayla Johnson
A Natural Difference Educator