The importance of investing in YOU!

We all know that taking care of our skin is important, and we try to eat healthy and exercise regularly. When it comes to our career we keep up with social media, keep our websites updated, offer online booking, and believe in continuing education. But how much do we believe in investing in ourselves? We’ll go to a free class or convention maybe once a year. But when it comes to paying for continuing education and investing in ourselves and our future, it’s hard to do.

I just want to remind you today that you are an amazing human and I know you have dreams and goals. You’re worth investing in! Whether it’s purchasing retail to not just sell to your client, but service them by offering solutions to their problems. Or taking our Master Esthetician course! It’s not just $350 for an expensive class you take in 4 different steps. It’s learning about each product we offer and how to use them properly, in many ways. You then take those products home to use on yourself first, your clients next and then offering retail for them to take home. I know as a business owner it’s hard to spend money, but you must spend money to make money!

Here are some ways to invest in yourself:


Maybe it’s 4 new clients a month, post on social media every day, sell 2 products to 8 out of 10 clients, or make $500 more per month this year. Setting a goal gives you more drive to push yourself forward, and you never know what can happen!


I love facials because they’re creative. Test out new combinations. Keep your clients guessing! Maybe start offering more makeup services for a change up in your day, or a new unique facial. I just started looking into using hot stones as part of my cleanse! If you’re a master Esthetician, open up your binder and find those awesome advanced facial protocols, or check out our A Natural Difference Estheticians page!


Read skin care books by estheticians, doctors, and skin care company owners. Maybe you’ll disagree on the way they do skincare, or you’ll learn some amazing tips! Attend webinars and listen to podcasts while driving. Go to every class you can, get lunch with other estheticians. Learn from each other!


Especially if you own a business, it’s hard to take care of yourself when you’re taking care of so many people. But it’s so important! Wake up 15 minutes early to make a smoothie and throw a salad together for lunch. Or even put it all together the night before! Have lemon water on your trolley and take a big drink every enzyme peel you apply. We can all make anything happen, when we choose to make it a priority.


I try to have at least one or two days a month where I won’t respond to any e-mails or texts from clients for at least half the day. Or dare I say, get a facial myself! I also have friends who are massage therapists and we swap, but on different days so we can enjoy it. Do more things you love!

I hope these tips will inspire you to take steps to care for yourself, your business, and clients bettering 2018!

By Kayla Johnson
A Natural Difference Educator