What is Hyaluronic Acid & How to Use it Effectively

Hyaluronic acid is a buzz word all around the world currently but has been around since the 1930’s after being discovered in the laboratory of Karl Meyers. It is an important structural molecule in the extracellular matrix of our skin to create healthier skin barrier protection. For estheticians this is one of the most important ingredients to suggest for our clients in their homecare routines.

Hyaluronic acid is used therapeutically in facial fillers and as an active topical ingredient to act as a humectant. Being a very large molecule it DOES NOT PENETRATE and instead sits on the skin surface where it binds to water to maintain hydration, and cross links with other Hyaluronic acid molecule to knit together a temporary barrier. Because our bodies make it and it is completely natural to humans it is extremely rare to cause an allergic reaction. That makes hyaluronic acid safe and effective for a broad range of clients with different skin conditions.

In A Natural Difference’s Hydrolane we have Marine Collagen which is an Oligopeptide and aids in firming. Glycosaminoglycans, Allantoin and Aloe which all reinforce the Hyaluronic acid in our formulation and makes it super effective for nearly all skin including discolored, dry, mature and dehydrated.

A Natural Difference’s Hydrotant Gel includes Hyaluronic Acid, Beta Fructan, which is a naturally occurring sugar with moisture binding and skin-softening properties along with shark cartilage, which has strong anti-inflammatory abilities. This product is great for all skin conditions as well as acne, inflamed, dehydrated, dull and dry.

A Natural Difference’s Repair Serum is an excellent choice for a variety of skin conditions. This formulation consists of honey, St. John’s wort, spin traps, hyaluronic acid and alpha lipoic acid as some of the main ingredients. Repair serum helps to reduce puffiness, prevent free radical damage and repairs and stabilizes cell membranes to prevent future damage.

A Natural Difference’s selection of Hyaluronic Acid products truly defines our vision of creating a line based on "the science of skincare as nature intended”


by Irene Stuckey
Director of Education