An Important Message from Christine Cowheard, founder and CEO of A Natural Difference Skincare.
It has come to my attention that some of our family of estheticians have recently become concerned about the possibility of future online offerings for our "retail line of products." Please be assured that this is not and never will be the case. For over 25 years I have stood my ground and turned down many profitable offers to sell our retail product line to the masses. Time has proven my decision to be the correct one.


A Natural Difference Skincare is now one of the very few professional lines that do not sell retail online, in any form. I perceived this company to help professionals expand their knowledge, grow their own business and provide lasting results to their clients. Offering our products to retail clients online would be counterproductive to that goal. I have always stood behind our family of professionals and have no intention of changing my outlook. You can also be assured that none of our international distributors will conduct online offerings of our retail product line. They are contractually prohibited from doing so.


All the best,