Have you ever wondered what the secret is to the Cobra Eye Serum? Synake Venom.

Modern records indicated that snake venom was used to treat pain and arthritic conditions as early as 1837. It wasn't until 1949 when Bill Haast established the Miami Serpentarium and became world famous for his dedicated work in conducting self-inflicted studies to try and establish a true medical connection with venomous snakes.

Together with Murrary Sander, PhD, from the University of Miami's Department of Microbiology they eventually developed a treatment of polio. Sanders went on the become a Nobel Prize nominee and received several patents for neurotoxins based on snake venom. Research studies on venomous neurotoxins continue in the areas of pain management, breast cancer treatments, Lou Gehrig's Disease and hematology.

Thanks to Dr. Sandars we created our very own Cobra Eye Serum. It help create a soft aqueous solution that strengthens and invigorates eye and neck contours. It diminishes crows feet if used twice a day! It can be applied under the eye and to the eyelids morning and night.