1. EGF Select vs. Repair Serum

    EGF Select vs. Repair Serum

    EGF SELECT : Those who have attended our classes will know that EGF Solution and Creme were amongst the company's first line of products and is still one of our best sellers since 1989. What

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  2. Violet Bottle Protection

    Violet Bottle Protection

    We are who we are and we have been that way for 26 years.

    A Natural Difference Skincare offers a unique violet spectrum glass container for sensitive formulations. This dark

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  3. Feel the Zest

    Zesty Orange may sound like a fruity name, but don't be fooled. The active ingredients in this moisturizer have been scientifically selected with great purpose, each one working closely together as

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  4. Chiral Ingredients the Mirror Image for Healthy Skin

    We all know that the path to a healthy body is through exercise, a proper diet, adequate sleep and a low stress level. However, there are other ways besides a robust physique to project a healthy image

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  5. Retinoxyl Elixer - The First Stable Retinaldehyde

    The ancient Egyptians recognized the importance of Vitamin A, but it was not discovered and synthesized until 1947. A Natural Difference has always stressed the importance of Retinols. Over 20 years

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  6. An Important Message from Christine Cowheard, founder and CEO of A Natural Difference Skincare.
    It has come to my attention that some of our family of estheticians have

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  7. The Solution: Cabernet

    Cabernet Solution

    Cabernet, don’t you love just saying it? It’s smooth, it’s polished; it’s your new peel! Cabernet, drink it, dance to it, now peel with it. Red

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  8. Cancer. The word nobody wants to hear, but unfortunately all too many do. Whether it is you, a loved one, or even an acquaintance, this word continues to be a burden to everyone. As a company,

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  9. Pollia Condensata

    Rainbow Berry + Spin Trap = Botanical Science

    Plants and animals found in the natural world have evolved entirely distinctive methods to generate the beautiful colors that we have all

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